Testimonials From Others

Some of the people helped by PeacePoint have graciously offered to share their experiences. We hope that these will encourage you as you seek God’s will and way in your situation.


Barry B., Mediation Party
My experience with PeacePoint was extremely positive. I was involved in a two year long legal dispute with my former business partner that had deteriorated to the point of litigation. We were deep into the legal process when my former partner asked me to consider Christian mediation. As a believer I was open to the idea, but as a businessman I was skeptical. My attorneys were also concerned. We had spent a great deal of time, energy, and money preparing a solid case. How would Christian mediation affect our case in the event we didn’t reach a resolution?

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Carey M., Participant in Training
I pursued PeacePoint training because I constantly find myself in situations where I need to guide an individual, a couple, or a ministry leader in conflict.  As a church staff member, I encounter these situations frequently and with little advance warning.  I desperately needed some training to help the people in conflict God sends my way.
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Howard B., Senior Pastor
My situation was very complicated. Church issues involving a number of leaders and members created a rift between members of my family who attended and were also employed by the church. After other efforts to address those problems failed, a member of the church suggested we contact PeacePoint for help.  I was willing but not optimistic.
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Liz and Pat, Parties
Life and love had all but disappeared in our marriage.  Pat was worn out.  To him, reconciliation was not a reasonable possibility and divorce was inevitable.  Liz was tired but held out some hope for reconciliation.  Because we are Christians, it was important to both of us that we find a Christian way to approach our problems. That common commitment lead us to we pursue Christian mediation with PeacePoint.
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P.W., Party in Mediation
After years of pain and disappointment, divorce and the courts looked like my only option.  My pastor, my counselors and my friends, however, encouraged my husband and me to consider Christian mediation with PeacePoint.  I am so thankful that we listened to them.
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