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Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.–Romans 14:19

If your dispute or conflict is more than you can handle on your own, consider our comprehensive dispute resolution and conflict reconciliation services. PeacePoint provides coaching, mediation, arbitration, and consulting services to individuals, organizations, churches, ministries, and denominations. Browse the topics below to learn more about our services.

Come now, let us reason together...

–Isaiah 1:18

Mediation is a method of voluntary* negotiation facilitated by an impartial mediator mutually selected by the parties. Peace Advocates serving as mediators meet with all parties to help them reconcile conflicted relationships and resolve disputed issues. Speaking from a Christian worldview and using Biblical principles, they help the parties improve communication, explore the issues, assess strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles, address their respective interests, develop options for mutual gain and discuss applicable Scriptures.

The mediator’s ultimate goal is to encourage and guide the parties so that they themselves reach a final outcome that glorifies God and is best for them. Mediators are facilitators, not decision makers. In mediation, the parties always control the outcome. Experience shows that if all parties sincerely desire to work things out, mediation results in a mutually acceptable outcome approximately 85% of the time.

Choose Mediation if you and the other party or parties involved need someone to actively assist all of you in negotiating an outcome of your own making rather than having a final and binding outcome imposed upon you.

PeacePoint Mediation Procedures (PDF)

PeacePoint Mediation Procedures (Word Doc)

Mediation has the broadest application and the greatest potential when it comes to resolving disputes and reconciling conflicts. Not only does mediation protect the parties’ right to  self-determination (control of the outcome), it also greatly enhances the opportunity to exchange the kinds of promises and commitments that will result in an outcome that promotes spiritual maturity, edifies the Christian Community, and glorifies God because of its flexibility, cathartic nature, and the creativity it encourages.

Mediation offers the benefit of reducing the emotional level of a dispute or conflict. First, the mediator can meet privately with each party during the mediation. This provides a setting for emotional venting without escalating or aggravating existing tension. Second, the mediator can offer an impartial and objective perspective and can clarify communication between the parties.

The cost of mediation is relatively modest—especially when compared to arbitration and litigation—and it offers the greatest likelihood that a resolution of issues and/or reconciliation of relationships will be achieved. The most significant cost in mediation is the compensation and expenses of the mediator since the mediator’s role can be quite extensive depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of parties involved. Still, mediation offers Christians the ability to manage most of the costs associated with navigating disputes and conflicts as they ultimately control the outcome.

Of course, there is no guarantee mediation will result in a resolution of all substantive issues and reconciliation of all damaged relationships. If Christians try mediation and issues remain unresolved, they must live with the current situation or move to some other process such as arbitration or litigation.

*NOTE: PeacePoint can only provide mediation services to parties who agree to mediate. Therefore, you should contact the others involved in the controversy to see if they are willing to mediate. At your request, and at no cost to you, we will gladly communicate directly with everyone involved to explain mediation, answer questions and address any concerns.